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Fall practice may begin as early as the second Thursday preceding Labor Day. No team may have more than 10 single practice sessions* through and including the Friday prior to Labor Day.

*Please note that "double sessions" count as two single practice sessions.

The MIAA Soccer Score Sheet will be mailed to each school prior to the start of the season.

Click here for a PDF version

Congratulations to this years Soccer Team Sportsmanship Award Winners!

Lynn English High School (Girls)   

  North Attleborough High School (Girls)        
Canton High School (Boys)

                   Girls                             Boys
              D1- Wachusett                D1- Brockton
              D2- Danvers                   D2- Concord-Carlisle
              D3- Sutton                      D3- Nipmuc
              D4- Millis                        D4- Bromfield



78.1.1 Any red or yellow card issued to a high school player/coach must be reported on the MIAA Soccer Roster and Score Sheet and also entered on-line in the Members Only section of the MIAA website (please see Rule 78.2.18 for infraction reporting requirements).

78.2.5 A player committing a second yellow card infraction in the same contest receives a red card. There are no exceptions. It should be reported as only a red card (not two yellows or a yellow and a red).

78.2.11 Any player who receives a third yellow card in a season shall be suspended from the next contest; a fourth yellow card and subsequent yellow cards in a season shall result in suspension for two contests. This penalty carries over to the next soccer season (or next season if senior) if happens in last contest, or the next to last contest.

78.2.16 For purposes of obtaining tournament eligibility, no team may exceed a four red or thirteen yellow cards during the regular season. Delay of game encroachment and deliberate (intentional) handball are infractions, which will continue to be enforced and penalized. The impact of these infractions will be assessed and will be considered towards tournament ineligibility.

Liaison - Phil Vaccaro, MIAA, Assistant Director

District A
Ms. Allyson Mizoguchi, Principal, Wayland High School
Ms. Nicole Vilele, Athletic Director, Somerville High School

District B
Mr. Dave MacLeod, Assistant Headmaster, O'Bryant High School
Mr. Stephen Fogarty, Athletic Director, Melrose High School

District C
Mr. Bob Keuther, Principal, Marshfield High School
Mr. Danny Erickson, Athletic Director, Canton High School

District D
Mr. Mark Bodwell, Principal, West Bridgewater Mid/Sr High School
Mr. Ric Dockendorff,
Athletic Director, Avon Middle/High School

District E
Dr. Bernard Audette,
Principal, Holy Name Central Catholic High School
Mr. Greg Nevader, Assistant Principal, Shrewsbury High School
Ms. Tania Rich, Athletic Director, Nashoba Regional High School
Ms. Jennifer Lynch, Athletic Director, Wachusett Regional High School

District F
Mr. Joe Turmel
, Principal, Southwick-Tolland Regional High School
Ms. Carol Kruser, Principal,Chicopee High School

District G
Mr. John Vosburgh, Principal, Taconic High School

District H
Mr. Michael Gerrish , Athletic Director, Cardinal Spellman

Coaches' Representative(s)
Ms. Sue Hendee
Tom Rivet

Officials' Representative(s)
Dr. Calvin Perry
Ms. Cheryl Welsh

Mr. Robert McArdle

Mr. Tass Filledes

Nate Bryant


  • September 17, 2018 - Committee Meeting - 9:30am
  • February 5, 2019 - Committee Meeting - 9:30am
  • May 8, 2019 - Committee Meeting - 9:30am

Soccer Tournament Seeding - October 31, 2018

Fall Tournament Directors - October 2, 2018 at 10:00am

North Boys & Girls
Jeff Newhall

South Boys & Girls
Ron Ford

Central Boys & Girls
Luis Macedo

West Boys & Girls
Jonathan Cavallo

State Boys & Girls
Jeff Newhall

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