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Fall practice may begin as early as the second Thursday preceding Labor Day. No team may have more than 10 single practice sessions (i.e., "double sessions" count as two single practice sessions), through and including the Friday prior to Labor Day.

The Spring season must not begin before the third Monday in March. The Spring season must end with the completion of the regular varsity season or, for qualified varsity teams or individuals, upon completion of their participation in MIAA tournaments.

Proposed Alignments 2017-18 through 2020-2021:

Fall 2017 - Effective with the fall 2017 MIAA Girls Volleyball Tournament, the official game ball will be the Spalding VB5 red/white/blue volleyball.

Please accept this as clarification for the time between the conclusion of a JV volleyball match and the start of a varsity match. Apparently some volleyball game officials are under the impression that MIAA Rule 81.4 applies (Warm-up time will be 15 minutes. There is no relationship with the intent of this rule and the time between a junior varsity and varsity match). This rule simply states that (Warm-up time will be 15 minutes). Varsity matches should not start before the posted time unless the home school contest manager requests an earlier start. Tony Romano - MIAA

09/20/11 The Volleyball Committee voted that the results of an "excluded" girls and boys match would be utilized under Seeding step 1, head to head results.

Liaison - Jim Peters, MIAA, Assistant Director

District A
Mr. Dennis Thompson, Assistant Principal, Lynn Classical High School
Ms. Lisa Zappala, Athletic Director, Academy of Notre Dame

District B
Mr. Jason Merrill
, Principal, Melrose High School
Mr. Marc Arria, Athletic Director, Winchester High School

District C
Mr. Peter Boucher, Athletic Director, Milford High School

District D
Mr. Brian McCann
, Principal, Joseph Case High School
Mr. Andrew Crisafulli, Athletic Director, Joseph Case HS

District E
Mr. Chris Schmidt, Athletic Director, Nipmuc Regional High School
Mr. Brian Callahan, Principal, Westborough High School
Mr. Pat Mara, Athletic Director, Millbury Jr./Sr. High School
Ms. Jessica Winders, Athletic Director, Hudson High School

District F
Mr. Tom Schnepp, Assistant Principal, Agawam High School
Mr. David J. Stratton, Athletic Director, Agawam High School

District G
Mr. Jake Schutz, Assistant Principal, Mt. Greylock Regional High School
Ms. Joan Schultz, Athletic Director, Lenox Memorial Middle and High School

District H
Mr. Stephen Dacey, Assistant Principal, Xaverian Brothers
Ms. Julie Gosselin, Athletic Director, Mt. Alvernia High School

Coaches' Representative
Mr. Tom Turco
Ms. Jane Bergin

Officials' Representative
Mr. Ted Wilcox

Mr. Ron Collamore

Ms. Patty Lally

Ms. Patricia Gonzalez,
Athletic Director, Newton South High School
Mr. Rudolph Weekes, Principal, West Roxbury Academy

  • September 20, 2017 - Committee Meeting - 10:00am
  • February 6, 2018 - Committee Meeting - 10:00am
  • May 7, 2018 - Committee Meeting - 10:00am

Fall Volleyball Tournament Seeding - October 31, 2017

Spring Volleyball Tournament Seeding - May 22, 2018

Fall Tournament Directors - October 3, 2017

Spring Tournament Directors - May 2, 2018

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