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Tournament Alignments
Two-Year Alignment Process for 2021-22 thru 2022-23


  • Sport Committees develop alignment modifications to become effective for the next alignment cycle
  • Sport Committee Chairs will present alignment proposals to the Tournament Management Committee (TMC)
  • Alignment proposals will be voted on by the TMC
  • Alignment proposals are released
  • Schools may send an appeal request form to the MIAA Office
  • The MIAA TMC Liaison will receive all appeal request forms
    • If the request is to move up a division(s), the request will be granted by the MIAA TMC Liaison
    • If the request is to move down a division(s), the request will be reviewed by the MIAA TMC Liaison, TMC Chair, and Sport Committee Chair.  The request will be approved or denied based on the divisional appeal criteria set forth by the TMC
    • If an appeal request form is denied, schools may make an in person appeal to the appeal committee
Appeal Committee
  • The appeal committee will hear in-person appeals that were initially rejected based on the alignment criteria.  All alignment committee decisions will be final.
  • Members of the committees (fall/winter/spring) will include:
    • One (1) preselected Chair from the TMC
    • Three (3) TMC members - regional representation from across the state
    • One (1) representative from each sport committee that is being discussed


    Aligment Appeal Form
    The Alignment Appeal form is now available as a link
    in the MIAA Members Only site (Login Here)
    The link can be found in the Announcement for the Appeal Form and
    also on the Tournament Information tab as the first item in the
    "Rules and Forms" box (top right)

Member School Information

Member School Enrollment Data for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Alignment Cycle
Enrollment data collected in October 2019

CLICK HERE to view a listing of all MIAA Member Schools (updated 2/23/21)

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