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Coaches Education

Certified Coaches will be posted below only after completion of:

    1. The Fundamentals of Coaching classroom clinic
    2. Fundamentals of Coaching (Blended) - Units 3, 4 and 5 at www.nfhslearn.com (please note you will need the license number provided to you the day of your clinic) AND you will take this exam free of charge.
    3. The MIAA State examination - link in box below
    4. Payment of clinic in full ($95.00)

Click here to view Certified Coaches by School (updated 3/30/18)

Click here to view Certified Coaches by Last Name (updated 3/30/18)

Click here to view Grandfathered Coaches by School then Last Name (updated 4/20/18)

Please refer to the MIAA Hand Book for answers to the MIAA State Examination (click here to view)

Please refer to the MSAA Rules and Regulations for answers to the MSAA State Examination (click here to view)

MIAA State Examination on-line

MSAA Cheerleading State Examination

In the 1990’s, the MIAA recognized that a number of coaches working with high school athletes had little or no training in how to provide a safe, organized learning experience for their athletes. Many new coaches had played the sport they coached but did not understand that academics and sports need to work together to provide young men and women with the skills necessary to be good citizens and future leaders. As a result, the MIAA Board of Directors selected the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Coaches’ Education Program to assist in training high school coaches.

The implementation of a professional development system has helped schools to ensure the quality of coaches by improving their knowledge and experience. With the proper education, schools can feel confident that their coaches are purposely teaching, mentoring and modeling the positive attributes of sport while also being recognized as professionals by athletes, parents and the community.


See MIAA Handbook Rule 33

(click above to go to the MIAA Handbook page)

“Nowhere do you find it in education like you find it in activities that teachers are teaching what they want to teach to students who are learning what they want to learn, and both are willing to work hour after hour on their own time after school so that everything that can be taught is taught and everything that can be learned is learned.”

-Al Burr (Retired Principal)

The NFHS Coach Education Department is pleased to announce the development of “Who Teaches Your Coaches?,” a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the importance of coach education. The PSA also introduces the idea that NFHSLearn is a learning center, not just for coaches, but also for parents, students, officials and administrators.  CLICK HERE for PSA

Please note, if you do not pre-register for a clinic, you must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the clinic.

For a complete list of upcoming Fundamentals of Coaching Clinics and to register on-line: Click here

Registrations forms are also available:

1. Register for & take a Fundamentals of Coaching Clinic (prior to coaching a second year) taught by an MIAA Instructor.
     2.  Bring payment with you to clinic (see information below)
     3.  Take and pass online National Test (nfhslearn.com) and online MA State Exam (see second orange box on left side of this page). Both exams will be free of charge - only payment needed will be at the clinic which needs to be Step 1 of this process.
     4.  Certified Coaches list is updated monthly. No need to submit to MIAA test scores.
     5. Other mandated courses (e.g. Sport Specific, Concussion, First Aid, etc.) must be completed as required in MIAA Handbook Rule 33.

The fee for the course is $95.00. Please make checks payable to the MIAA and either mail a check or Purchase Order to the MIAA prior to the clinic or bring with you. You will NOT be permitted to attend the clinic WITHOUT payment or Purchase Order. Should you wish to pay by credit card – contact Nancy Huntley at 508-541-9817…please note there is a $3.00 credit card processing fee.

Earn three (3) graduate credits from Endicott College for your participation in the MIAA Coaches Education Program. Simply fill out the application and pay the fee of $420 made payable to the MIAA.  Application must be received in the same semester as the clinic. The cost of the same course if taken at a college would cost upwards of $750. Ask for an application at the clinic you attend or click downloadable link below:

miaa AT miaa DOT net

(Downloadable Endicott College course Application)

please note that the $95.00 MIAA Coaches Education clinic fee is still to be paid on top of the Endicott College course fee

Course # EDPC 539  --  Course Title: Coaching Principles

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