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The official MIAA tournament basketballs are:

 Spalding TF1000 Legacy (Boys & Girls)

The Winter season must not begin before the first Monday after Thanksgiving. The Winter season must end with completion of the regular varsity season schedule, except for the varsity team or individual students completing their participation in the MIAA tournament.

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2018 Sherman A. Kinney Award
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Congratulations to the 2017 Sherman A. Kinney Award Winner - Larry Kelleher

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Girls Team Awards - Monson High School, Wareham High School & Watertown High School

Boys Team Awards - West Boylston Middle/High School

Athletic Directors may request the assigning (to any February games) of three-person basketball officiating crews at 85% (per official) of the GOC recommended fee.

This option was a recommendation to the Association from the MSBOA and has the support of the MIAA Game Officials Committee. This provides an opportunity for your basketball team and contest officials to become more accustomed to the officiating protocols that will be in place during the MIAA-sponsored tournaments.

NCAA Basketball Shot Clock Rule (as adopted by MIAA Basketball Committee):  the shot clock rule is 2-11(modified to 30 seconds) in the NCAA Basketball Rulebook: 2-11 - art. 7 (f) - Stop the timing device and continue time without a reset when play begins under the following circumstances: (f) After any double personal foul; a double technical foul; or a simultaneous foul, play shall be resumed from the point of interruption.

EXCEPTION: When an intentionally kicked or fisted ball occurs reset the shot clock to 30 seconds.

Possible Additional Shot-Clock Situations


Pre-Season Basketball Newsletter - 2017-18

Pre-Season Basketball Newsletter - 2016-17



NFHS Rule 2-11-12:

The official scorer is required to wear a black-and-white vertically striped garment.
Rationale: The players, coaches and officials need to be able to quickly and easily identify the official scorer. Requiring the scorer to wear a striped garment will assist in this regard. In addition, wearing a striped garment will make the scorer look more professional.


The MIAA Board of Directors has rejected the Basketball Committee recommendation to require of the home team effective with the 2013-14 season to comply with NFHS  rule (3-4 Article 1-c) to wear a white jersey torso color.  As a result, school basketball teams may continue to wear light color jerseys as the home team.

Time-Out Rule Change:

MIAA Rule 66.5 - Five 60 second time-outs may be charged to each team during a regulation game. Each team is entitled to one additional 60-second time-out during each extra period. Unused time-outs accumulate and may be used at any time.

Tournament Qualification:
Please note that for the purposes of state basketball tournament qualification the MIAA Basketball Committee decided that a minimum of four teams are needed to constitute a league. However, exceptions were granted for the Big Three as “grandfathered” in the sport of basketball and the Central Division of the South Worcester County League – (voted 10/09).

Liaison - Jim Peters, MIAA, Assistant Director

District A
Mr. Tim Finn
, Assistant Headmaster, Lawrence High School
Mr. Ron Drouin
, Athletic Director, Tewksbury Memorial High School

District B
Mr. Mike Lahiff,
Athletic Director, Watertown High School
Mr. Will Thomas, Headmaster, Charlestown High School

District C
Mr. Bill Runey, Principal Attleboro High School
Mr. Bob Rodgers
, Athletic Director, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School

District D
Mr. David Lanczycki, Principal, Somerset Berkley Regional High School
Mr. Matthew Trahan, Athletic Director, Old Colony RVT High School

District E
Mr. Brian Reagan, Principal, Hudson High School
Ms. Eileen Donohue, Vice Principal, Auburn High School
Mr. Patrict White, Athletic Director, St. John's High School
Mr. Sean Burke, Athletic Director, Shepherd Hill High School

District F
Mr. George Johnson
, Principal, Putnam Voc/Tech Academy
Mr. Mike Martin, Athletic Director, Springfield High School

District G
Mr. John Vosburgh
, Principal, Taconic High School
Mr. Dave Racette, Athletic Director, Drury High School

District H
Mr. James Ridley, Principal, St. Mary’s (Lynn)
Mr. Jeff Newhall, Athletic Director,  St. Mary’s (Lynn)

Coaches' Representative
Mr. Mark Donahue
Mr. Jim Reynolds

Officials' Representative
Mr. Bill Boutilier

Dr. Stephen Hemman

Ms. Martha Jamieson
, Athletic Director, Silver Lake Regional High School
Mr. Anthony Price, Athetlic Director, Randolph High School
Ms. Trudy Fisher, Wellness Coordinator, O'Bryant High School

  • October 17, 2017 - Committee Meeting - 10:00am
  • January 29, 2018 - Committee Meeting - 10:00am
  • April 25, 2018 - Committee Meeting - 10:00am

Basketball Tournament Seeding - February 23, 2018

Winter Tournament Directors - January 31, 2018

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