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Shall provide relevant legislative information to the membership; recommend to the Board of Directors positions that the Association should take on legislation relative to the Association and the secondary schools of the Commonwealth; recommend to the Board of Directors bills which should be submitted in the best interest of secondary schools and their administrators; serve as a liaison with other associations (including the Massachusetts Educational Conference Board) in all matters pertaining to legislation which affects education.


Chairman -  Mr. Tom Cavanaugh, Blue Hills Votech HS, Dean of Students

Liaison - Mr. Art Dulong, MSSAA Assistant Director

Mr. Todd Bazydlo, Shrewsbury High School, Principal

Mr. Brian Callaghan, Westborough High School, Principal

Mr. William Chaplin, Shepherd Hill Regional High School, Principal

Mr. Keith Comeau, Littleton High School, Principal

Mr. Alan Cron, Rockland Public Schools, Superintendent

Mr. Peter Cushing, Narragansett Regional HS, Principal

Mr. Dave Cutler, Keough Memorial Academy, Principal

Mr. Paul Daigle,  Retired Principal/Supt

Mr. John Derosia, Minnechaug Reg. High School, Assistant Principal

Mr. Gregory Devine, Quabbin RHS, Principal

Mr. John Dillon, Minuteman HS, Principal

Mr. Darren Doane, Dartmouth Middle School, Principal

Ms. Jessica Downey, High Rock School, Principal

Mr. Peter Dufresne, Thomas Burgess Middle School, Principal

Ms. Melissa Earls, Southbridge Middle High School, Principal

Mr. Charles Flahive, Retired

Ms. Susan Fontecchio, Retired

Mr. Roger Forget, Upper Cape RTHS, Assistant Superintendent/Principal

Ms. Margo Fraczek, Dedham Middle School, Assistant Principal

Mr. Sean Gallagher, Beverly High School, Principal

Mr. Michael Gill, Sacred Heart High School - Kingston, Principal

Mr. Paul Haughey, Millville Elementary School, Principal

Mr. Peter Haviland, North Attleboro High School, Principal

Ms. Tara Kohler, Fairhaven High School, Principal

Mr. Ron McCarthy, Dedham HS, Principal

Mr. Peter McMorrow, Garner HS, Assistant Principal

Mr. Matthew Mehler, John Glenn Middle School, Assistant Principal

Ms. Lisa Mobley, King Philip RHS, Principal

Mr. Shaun Morgan, Sacred Heart School, Vice Principal

Mr. Joseph Mullaney, Salem HS, Housemaster Grades 11 & 12

Ms. Leslie Murray, Lowell Catholic, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Mr. Joshua Otlin, Milford High School, Principal

Mr. Wesley Paul, Oliver Ames High School, Principal

Mr. Tammy Quinn, Norfolk County Aggricultural HS, Superintendent/Director

Ms. Stephanie Rae, Nichols Middle School, Assistant Principal

Mr. Brian Reagan, Hudson High School, Principal

Mr. Dan  Richards, Belmont High School, Principal

Mr. Ed  Rozmiarek, Swampscott High School, Principal

Mr. Bill Runey, Attleboro High School, Principal

Mr. Peter Sack, Retired

Ms. Karmala Sherwood, Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy Charter Public School

Mr. Chris Starczewski, Dudley Middle School, Principal

Ms. Ellen Stockdale, Retired

Ms. Teresa Sullivan, Abington High School, Principal

Mr. Eric Tracy, Hamilton-Wenham RHS, Principal

Mr. Henry Turner, Bedford High School, Principal

MS. Christine Vigneux, Belchertown High School, Principal

Mr. Coley Walsh, Attorney

Mr. Taylor Wrye, Williams Middle School, Principal


Committee Dates

September 19, 2017 (Convocation) - 8:30 am -1:00 pm
December 12, 2017 - 12:30 pm (Lunch at 12:00)
February 7, 2018 - 12:30 pm (Lunch at 12:00)
April 2, 2018 - 10:00 am (Joint meeting w/Ed Policy Committee)
May 16, 2018 - 12:30 pm (Lunch at 12:00)

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