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2022-2023 Game Officials of the Year

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Annual MIAA Game Officials Registration and Background Check
MIAA Officiating - How to Get Started

The MIAA recognizes boards in Massachusetts that train and develop officials for both regular season and MIAA tournament competition. Each official’s board has a secretary and president for which contact information is posted on the MIAA website. Membership with a recognized official’s board qualifies you to officiate MIAA Tournament Events as well as provides an opportunity to serve as an “Official’s Representative” on one of the MIAA Sport Committees.

The MIAA Game Officials Committee, which meets two to three times per year, supports efforts that also promote officiating. Through the annual registration process and the once every three-years background check, the MIAA maintains a list of all the registered game officials for all sports offered at MIAA member high schools. Beyond the annual registration, officials may have other requirements from their selected board such as annual training on the rules. All Massachusetts officials are also required by the MA Department of Public Health (DPH) to have annual concussion training.

In support of DPH regulations, and in the best interests of student athletes, all MIAA Tournament Directors and Tournament Assignors will monitor successful completion of a DPH approved concussion training program as a condition for an official accepting an MIAA tournament assignment. The acceptance of an MIAA Tournament contest assignment will be considered an implicit confirmation that the assigned official is member in good standing with a local board, registered with the MIAA, and has successfully completed a concussion training program as required by the DPH.

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) training module, “Concussions in Sports: What You Need to Know” (, is one of the MDPH approved training programs and may accessed using the link above.

Board Presidents and Secretaries

Click on the link below to view the list of Presidents and Secretaries of those boards that are enrolled with the MIAA. If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact the Board nearest you to learn how to become a game official.

Board Presidents and Secretaries

Game Officials Committee Information

MIAA Game Officials Committee Page

Click on the link above to view Committee Members,
Committee meeting Dates and the Agenda and Minutes

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