GoFan On-Line Ticketing

MIAA Transitions to On-Line Ticketing using GoFan

MIAA is making the transition to mobile ticketing which provides the safest, easiest and most convenient method of entry to MIAA tournament events.  Tickets for games beginning with the “Round of 16” will be sold exclusively online via GoFan.

10 Ticketing Tricks Learned After Selling $5,000,000 in Digital Tickets

In this AD Insider Digital Ticketing Talks episode, presented by GoFan we sit down with Andy Frushour, Director of Brand Management – Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) to discuss:

  • QR Code Creation and Usage
  • Tournament Ticketing Planning
  • Google Sheets Templates
  • Scaling Your Ticketing Staff
  • Teaching Ticket Takers on the Fly

         …and more!

Why Breaking Traditions Was Worth it to Bring in Digital Ticketing

In this AD Insider Digital Ticketing Talks episode, presented by GoFan, we sit down with Josh Mathews, CMAA, Athletic Director at Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia, to discuss:

  • Overcoming Community Pushback
  • All-Sports Pass and Why It’s a Game Changer
  • Why We’ll Never Go Back

Helpful Information and Resources

GoFan – MIAA Playoff Success Headquarters

Simple Ticket Redemption Document
a helpful PDF that schools may print off to have available at the event gates for reference

GoFan Success Links

GoFan Training/Help Links