District Athletic Committee

The Board of Directors delegates to the DISTRICT ATHLETIC COMMITTEES the supervision of athletics and the adjudication of protests, disputes, conflicts or controversies within their districts. Each athletic league within an MIAA nominates at least one representative (i.e. an athletic director or principal) to its district committee. Whenever possible, a principal shall serve as chair of each committee.

Committee Members

District 1
  • Christine Vigneux (Chair), Principal Belchertown HS
  • James Abel, Athletic Director Pittsfield HS
  • Jared Shannon, Athletic Director Wahconah RHS
  • Lisa Nemeth, Principal Ludlow HS 
  • Tim Brillo, Athletic Director Ludlow HS 
  • Glenn Doulette, Athletic Director W. Springfield HS
  • Mike Kuchieski, Athletic Director Greenfield HS
District 2
  • Chris Lowe, Principal Millbury HS
  • Chris Schmidt (Chair) , Athletic Director Nipmuc RHS
  • Dave Reid, Athletic Director Monty Tech RHS
  • William Foley, Principal Burncoat HS
  • James Manzello, Athletic Director St. Paul Diocesan
District 3
  • Jay Costa (Chair), Athletic Director Shrewsbury HS
  • Tania Rich, Athletic Director Nashoba Regional HS
  • Mark Miville, Athletic Director Quabbin RHS
  • Tim Sargent, Athletic Director Sizer School
  • Brian Callaghan, Principal Westborough HS
  • Scott Hoffman, Principal Bromfield HS
District 4
  • Keith Mangan (Chair) Athletic Director, Bedford HS
  • Peter Elenbaas,  Assistant Principal Lincoln-Sudbury RHS
  • Dave Lezenski, Athletic Director Lowell HS
  • Sean O’Leary, Assistant Principal Tewksbury HS
  • Dan O’Brien, Assistant Principal Belmont HS
  • Ryan Murphy, Athletic Director Watertown HS
District 5
  • Charlie Conefrey (Chair), Athletic Director Malden HS
  • Matt Serino, Athletic Director Winthrop HS
  • John Parisi, Athletic Director Rockport HS
  • Kevin Bradley, Athletic Director Whittier RHS
  • Dick Newton, Athletic Director Lynn English HS
  • Nicole Viele, Assistant Principal Somerville HS
District 6
  • Avery Esdaile (Chair), Athletic Director Boston PS
  • Julie Gosselin, Athletic Director Mount Alvernia HS
  • Ted Currle, Athletic Director Xaverian HS
  • Patrick Driscoll, Athletic Director Austin Prep
  • Christine Holmes, Asst. Head of School Boston Latin Academy
  • John Graceffa, Principal Arlington Catholic HS
  • Kevin McCaskill, Exec. Director Madison Park HS
District 7
  • Peter Rittenburg (Chair), Athletic Director Brookline HS
  • Bill Runey, Principal Attleboro HS
  • Steve Imbusch, Principal Walpole HS
  • Evan Bishop, Athletic Director Hopkinton HS
  • Nick Schlierf, Athletic Director Sharon HS
  • Mike Connor, Athletic Director Bellingham HS
District 8
  • Tom Tarpey (Chair), Athletic Director New Bedford HS
  • Ross Thibault, Principal Dartmouth HS
  • Scott Ashworth, Athletic Director Bourne HS
  • Mike Devoll, Principal Old Rochester RHS
  • Jason Pacheco, Athletic Director Westport HS
  • Billy Terranova, Principal Cape Cod Reg. Tech. HS
District 9
  • Justin Domingos, Athletic Director Plymouth North HS
  • Mike Shultz (Chair) Principal, Carver HS
  • Kathleen Burke, Athletic Director Falmouth HS
  • Patrick Leonard, Athletic Director East Bridgewater HS
  • Rick Swanson, Principal Hingham HS
  • Mandy Vasil, Principal Nantucket RHS

District Athletic Committee Details

District athletic committees will be comprised of either a principal or athletic director annually nominated by each league in that district and elected by the Board of Directors. Membership on each district athletic committee must be evenly divided between principals and athletic directors except on district committees with an uneven number of members, principals whenever possible shall sit in the majority. Each DAC shall elect its own chair annually. In districts of fewer than five leagues, the district committees will consist of five members with each “division” being represented by at least one member.

Committee Meeting Dates

  • August 17, 2021 – 10:00am
  • January 13, 2022 – 10:00am