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SAC Speaks to Mental Health Concerns

Pillars of
Educational Athletics


Promoting health and wellness for all students is the shared responsibility of families, schools, communities and the students themselves. To that end, the “Wellness” effort of the MIAA strives to help schools create programs and educational strategies for all constituencies on a regular basis to address any matter that might enhance or improve the well-being of the student.
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The MIAA is committed to encouraging and promoting the high ideals of sportsmanship, integrity and ethics, as well as developing a positive environment for athletic events at all levels of interscholastic competition. The goal of interscholastic athletics is to give young people the opportunity to expand their educational horizons by experiencing fair and friendly competition with their peers. Ingrained in this competition is respect for rules, regulations, opponents and officials.
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Coaches Education

At the heart of the high school sport experience is the quality of coaching provided to student-athletes. A key element of having high quality coaching is ensuring that coaches have proper and ongoing training.
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Every action taken by a student-athlete, for better or worse, has an impact upon their peers, families and communities. Student-athletes are looked up to for their athletic talents, and share an incredible power of influence as visible figures in and out of the school setting.
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Community Service

The MIAA firmly believes that each student-athlete across the state serves as a role model. They are looked up to for their athletic talents, however they have the ability to make an even greater impact upon others with their actions off the playing field.
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Registration for 2021-22 season will open on July 15, 2021

Non-DIscrimination Statement

MIAA does not discriminate in its educational programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. Retaliation is also prohibited.