You Lead Campaign


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The Program

The YOU LEAD middle school and the So You’re a Leader high school campaign began in 1996 with one conference whose main objective was to connect young people from a variety of communities who were committed to lead alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. The curriculums were created to support, connect and develop resources for youth who have chosen to be substance-free. As part of its full range of wellness programming, the MIAA is proud to support the positive choices that many young people make in abstaining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. We believe this is a population that has often been ignored in a culture that reflects substance use by adolescents as the norm. Through these programs, the MIAA embraces the role of advocate for the substance-free youth population. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to change the norm of substance use/abuse in adolescent culture by supporting youth who choose a positive lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The MIAA is committed to providing leadership education and training, networking and information sharing opportunities, resources and consultation, and to celebrating and honoring youth who make positive, healthy lifestyle choices.

YOU LEAD and So You’re a Leader conferences are offered at a variety of times, dates and locations.  These conferences provide a fun and energizing day long forum for the substance free youth population that often feels marginalized and ignored in our culture.

Choose the one one that is best for you and/or your group. Total group size for each conference will be limited because of space requirements and staff availability.