Tournament Alignments


2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Fall Alignments

Cross Country Updated 10/24/22
Division 1 Wave Alignments
Division 2 Wave Alignments
Division 3 Wave Alignments
Fall GolfUpdated 9/23/22
Field HockeyUpdated 9/23/22
FootballUpdated 9/23/22
Soccer – BoysUpdated 9/23/22
Soccer – GirlsUpdated 9/23/22
Swimming/Diving – Fall GirlsUpdated 9/23/22
Swimming/Diving – Fall BoysUpdated 10/26/22
Volleyball – Fall GirlsUpdated 9/23/22

2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Winter Alignments

2022 and 2023 Spring Alignments

Enrollment Data for 2021-22 and 2022-23 Alignment Cycle

CLICK HERE for Member School Enrollment Data
(Enrollment data collected in October 2019)


Fall 2023/ Fall 2024 Proposed Tournament Alignments

CLICK HERE for the Alignment Process and Timeline (pdf)

For 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 Alignment Cycle

An appeal form must be completed if your school wishes to appeal the placement of your team in a proposed  2023-2024 / 2024-2025 alignment.

If you are appealing placement in more than one sport, you must complete a form for each sport.

The form must be submitted by the principal or athletic director of the school (or the host school if a cooperative team) to begin the appeal process.

All requests to opt up will be granted by submitting the form.

Requests to be placed down will only be sent on to be heard if it meets the standards for appeal and has the supporting data on the form.

Divisional placement appeals will only be granted on the following factors:
*  Participation data and trends
*  Health and safety concerns (contact sports)

NOTE: Appeals WILL NOT be granted for strength of program / wins or losses

Decisions will be final

The deadline for fall sport alignment appeals is Friday, November 4, 2022.

The link to the Alignment Appeal form was sent via email to member school principals and athletic departments.  If you did not receive the email, CLICK HERE to request appeal form access.

2023-2024 thru 2024-2025 Tournament Alignments

Competitive Equity Modifier (CEM)