Beginning with the State Semi-Finals the official Spalding ball will be used and supplied by the Tournament Director.

Boys: Spalding TF-1000 Legacy (76-8138) Girls: Spalding TF-1000 Legacy (76-8148)

Please Note – NFHS Basketball Uniform Rules 
Effective in 2024-25, the number design option that allows for the number to be the same color as the jersey when bordered with no more than two ¼-inch solid border(s) contrasting with the team jersey color will be eliminated. (NFHS Rule 3-4-3-e-2) Please click here for additional information.

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Committee Members
D1Dwayne EarlyAthletic DirectorPutnam
D2Dave SheaAthletic DirectorWorcester
D2Ted McCarthyPrincipalSutton
D3Mike LynnAthletic DirectorLittleton
D4Tim FinnAssistant PrincipalLawrence
D4Ron DrouinAthletic DirectorTewksbury
D5Christopher MastrangeloPrincipalMalden
D5John DaileanesAthletic DirectorMASCO
D6Will ThomasHead of SchoolNew Mission
D6Jeff Newhall, ChairAthletic DirectorSt. Mary’s
D7Scott HolcombPrincipalTaunton 
D7Jeff ParcellsAthletic DirectorMedway
D8Kevin McCaskillPrincipalBrockton
D8Scott AshworthAthletic DirectorBourne 
D9Matt MaraniAssistant PrincipalNorwell
D9Bob RodgersAthletic DirectorWhitman-Hanson
 Marty O’SheaM.A.S.S.Long Meadow
 Kevin SareaultMASCSandwich
 Martha JamiesonAthletic Director (At-Large)Silver Lake
 Vacancy(At Large) 
 Trudy FisherWellness Coordinator (At-Large)O’Bryant
 VACANCYAt Large – Female 
 VACANCYAt Large –  Female 
 Rick GradyCoachDover-Sherborn
 Steve RenoCoachMillbury
 Bill BoutilierOfficial 
Meeting Dates
October 19 – 10 am (in person)
January 10 – 10 am (virtual)
May 8 – 10 am (in person)

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