Congratulations to the 2021 Soccer State Champions!

D1 Brookline High SchoolD1 Natick High School 
D2 West Springfield HS D2 Whitman-Hanson Reg. HS
D3 Norwell High School D3 Norwell High School
D4 Easthampton HS D4 Hamilton-Wenham Reg. HS 
D5 Bromfield SchoolD5 Sutton High School

Fall Season

35.1 Fall practice (except golf and football) may begin on 2nd Monday preceding Labor Day (August 22, 2022). Football and Fall Golf practice may begin on 3rd Friday preceding Labor Day (August 19, 2022). No team may have more than thirteen (13) single practice sessions (i.e., “double sessions” count as two single practice sessions) through and including the Friday before Labor Day. Double practice sessions are not permitted on the first three days of fall practice.

MIAA Soccer Rule Highlights


78.2.18 The home team must complete the infraction score sheet IF any infractions given. The official must review and sign off on the information at the end of the game. The home team should keep this form for the remainder of the year. Each school is then required to enter all VARSITY infractions on-line through the MIAA Soccer Infraction reporting form found on the MIAA Soccer page. A hard copy of any coach/student disqualification form must be sent to the MIAA. (Sub-varsity level score sheets should be filed and maintained at the local level).

78.2.5 A player committing a second yellow card infraction in the same contest receives a red card. There are no exceptions. It should be reported as only a red card (not two yellows or a yellow and a red).

3 Yellow Cards

78.2.11 Any player who receives a third yellow card in a season shall be suspended from the next contest; a fourth yellow card and subsequent yellow cards in a season shall result in suspension for two contests. This penalty carries over to the next soccer season (or next season if senior) if happens in last contest, or the next to last contest.

Tournament Elgibility

78.2.16 For purposes of obtaining tournament eligibility, no team may exceed four red or fifteen TOTAL cards during the regular season. Delay of game encroachment and deliberate (intentional) handball are infractions, which will continue to be enforced and penalized. The impact of these infractions will be assessed and will be considered towards tournament ineligibility.

NFHS Rule 4-2-10 Regligious Head Gear

4-2-10 NEW: Head coverings worn for religious reasons shall not be made of abrasive or hard materials; and must fit securely.

Rationale: This rule addition will allow student-athletes to express their religious beliefs through the wearing of headwear without the approval from the state.

Important Soccer Information

NFHS Soccer Information

2021-2022 Infraction Reporting and Score Sheets

For the 2021-2022 Soccer Season all infractions must be reported through the following formstack link:

Click here for the 2021-2022 MIAA Soccer Infraction Reporting Form 

For the fall 2021 soccer season, it is now required for schools to use the new MIAA Infraction Sheets. At the completion of the game if infractions occurred, the home team should complete this form and the officials are required to complete the bottom portion. The infraction sheet does NOT need to be submitted to the MIAA, the home team should keep them for their records for the entire regular and tournament season. 

Click here for the PDF Version


Committee and Important Information

Committee Members

District 1
Mr. Sean Mackin, Athletic Director, Chicopee High School
Mr. Karl Zigmud, Athletic Director, Monument Mtn RHS

District 2
Mr. Ted Zwada, Assistant Principal, Leicester High School
Mr. Chris Schmidt, Athletic Director, Nimpuc Regional 

District 3
Ms. Tania Rich, Athletic Director, Nashoba Regional

District 4
Ms. Allyson Mizoguchi, Principal, Wayland High School
Mr. Aaron Joncas, Athletic Director, Concord-Carlisle

District 5
Ms. Nicole Viele, Assistant Principal, Somerville High School

District 6
Mr. Ted Currle, Athletic Director, Xaverian Brothers HS

District 7
Mr. Danny Erickson, Athletic Director, Canton High School

District 8
Mr. William Terranova, Principal, Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
Mr. Joseph Francis, Athletic Director, Somerset-Berkley Reg. High School

District 9
Mr. Bob Keuther, Principal, Marshfield High School
Ms. Karen Guillemette, Athletic Director, Monomoy Regional

Coaches’ Representative(s)
Ms. Sue Hendee

Officials’ Representative(s)
Mr. Ric Beaudoin
Ms. Cheryl Welsh

Mr. Robert McArdle, Greater Lawrence Ed Collaborative

Mr. Jake Oliveira, Ludlow

Kevin Anderson, Athletic Director, Grafton High School

Meeting Dates

2021-2022 Soccer Committee Meetings
September 14, 2021 – 10:00 am (MIAA Office)
February 8, 2022 – 10:00 am (Virtual)
May 17, 2022- 10:00 am (MIAA Office)

Soccer Tournament Seeding – TBD
Fall Tournament Directors – Ocotber 5, 2021 (MIAA Office)

Agenda and Minutes

September 14, 2021-  Agenda
September 14, 2021- Minutes
February 8, 2022- Agenda
February 8, 2022- Minutes
May 17, 2022- Agenda
May 17, 2022- Minutes

September 15, 2020- Agenda 
September 15, 2020- Minutes
October 26, 2020- Agenda 
October 26, 2020- Minutes
February 9, 2021- Agenda 
February 9, 2021- Minutes
May 11, 2021- Agenda 
May 11, 2021- Minutes

September 16, 2019- Agenda 
September 16, 2019- Minutes
February 4, 2020- Agenda 
February 4, 2020- Minutes 

2022-2023 Soccer Tournament Information

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